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These are a few general questions asked very frequently.


Ques: How can you make a new booking?

Use our mobile app or give us a call or just search your flights and book online on our site. It’s as easy as entering the dates of your departure, the origin and destination cities and clicking on the search button. This would display a number of cheap options and you can select one of many for your trip.

Ques: What if you haven’t received your confirmation email?

It is possible to have your reservation displayed online under the option “Check my booking”. Sign in the portal and view your last booking made. Other details can be checked by clicking on the Details button. This would show the booking receipt and flight confirmation and from here, you can mail the confirmation to your personal email.

Ques: How do you change your airline booking?

To change your booking made with us, simple call our customer support…… Please note that a fee is charged by the airline to change your booking which depends on the date of the purchase, date of change, rules of the ticket fare etc.

Ques: What is inclusive of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides coverage for – Trip cancellation, theft of important documents including passports/visas, lost luggage, compulsory evacuation, terrorism and other natural disasters if encountered. Please note that there are policy terms and necessary proof is required to claim any insurance.

Ques: Will you be charged for checked bags?

This is essentially dependent on the airline. Please check online and verify individual policies of the airline you’re travelling with to know their baggage limitations and charges.


Ques: Is it possible to request special meal for my flight?

Note that there are no free meal-in services available these days. If you want to request a meal, place a request while booking the tickets or call the airline directly. Please make sure that you put forward your request at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Ques: I’m getting the message that my credit card information does not match the credit card company’s records. What can I do?

The name, credit card, zip code, address should be exactly the same as it is in your credit card statement. Confirm with your credit card company and record the information as they have in their databases. Alternatively, you can try booking through another credit card/debit card.

Ques: How do I book an infant fare?

Infants under 24 months can travel without any charge as long as they are seated on some adult’s lap within US. However, outside US, some percentage of the adult’s fare plus taxes need to be paid. Please contact our customer support in case of any enquiry.

Ques: How do I select seats?

You can pick seat preferences while booking. Click on the seat preferences in the request area. If you have already completed the booking, you can still request the seat by clicking on the Request Seat link on the itinerary confirmation mail. Please note that there is no guarantee that the requested seat would be available as it solely depends on the airline’s discretion.

Ques: Can I hold a reservation?

It is not possible to hold the reservation as it against the rules of the airlines. Also, it is important to book the tickets as soon as possible to avail the visible discounts at the moment.


Ques: When can I get my refund?

When the reservation is cancelled the same day as it is booked, the funds will return to your credit and will not be reflected as refund. This process would take 3-7 business days. If the airline allows for cancellation of booking after a day, the airline portion would be refunded within 7-14 days according to the bank and airline policies. The refunds requested after 48 hours of booking rest with the rules of the airlines and these usually take much longer.

Ques: What do multiple charges on my account imply?

This usually occurs when multiple passengers or airlines are booked in a reservation. Each ticket is processed individually and the taxes, service charges are reflected separately. However, totaling all the amounts would be equal to the sum you quoted.

Ques: I got an email of a refund I didn’t request.

These refunds are regarding the preferred seat assignment that could not be fulfilled by the airline. Note that this refund does not affect your airline ticket purchase.

Ques: I received duplicate charges for the same ticket on my account.

Please verify with the bank about the details of the duplicate company that charges are coming from. After that, get in touch with our customer support for further assistance.

Hotels Reservations

Ques: I made a Hotel reservation. What next?

All the hotel reservations are accompanies by the generation of a confirmation email with the number assigned by the hotel. All the customers are requested to print the confirmation and present it at the time of check-in, along with other documents required.

Ques: What can I do if I need to cancel my hotel booking?

You can easily cancel your booking online but a nominal fee would be charged for cancellation and the remaining amount would be refunded. You can even contact the customer care department for cancellation.

Ques: What can I do if the hotel charges more amount than what was accounted in my reservation?

The hotels must honor the amount that has been charged while making the reservation made in first place. You can produce the printed confirmation as a proof and get the hotel correct any amount that is being over charged.

Ques: How do I change the dates of my Hotel’s reservation dates?

Any changes in the dates, traveler’s information, type of the room lies solely at the discretion of the Hotel. The customer is requested to contact the hotel in such a case

Ques: How do I add an additional person to my hotel reservation?

Adding a guest to the same room can be done by calling our customer support. If there is a requirement for a new room, it can be done through a new online booking.

Car Rentals

Ques: Do I get any kind of confirmation voucher if I make a care reservation?

A car reservation is accompanied by a confirmation number assigned by the car rental company. We do not offer any kind of confirmation voucher for such a transaction.

Ques: What are the requisites to pick up a car?

Print the email confirmation of the reservation. Apart from the number generated by the car rental company, a valid driver’s license and a major credit card would be needed. Some companies may also require a good driving record as a pre-requisite to rent a car.

Ques: Are there any minimum age requirements to rent a car?

Most rental companies have a minimum age requirement of 25 years but certain exceptions are entertained with the extra payment of a surcharge. Please check the website of the car rental company to confirm.

Ques: Is an international driving permit needed?

Not required officially but we recommend our customers to get one since it can help prevent a lot of problems in case driving in a country where they don’t speak your language or in some non-tourist area.

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